Drink in the Box – an Ideal Kid’s Water Bottle

Inspired by the juice box, children love them. They are fun to drink out of and easy to open and close.

There is a lot for parents to appreciate about them too:

  • The container and lid are made out of BPA- and phthalate-free Tritan. The seals and straws are silicone. The boxes come in blue, green, pink, orange, and purple and are available in 8 or 12 oz capacities. There is also a Unique line which offers 12 oz. boxes in black, white, and clear.
  • Ours are pictured above. Three of them say “Juice in the Box” because they are the older versions. The current version is the blue one. We have had these for a few years. They have been dropped many times with little wear and tear. The only time they have been damaged is when they dropped with the lid open – this happened twice and the hinged bit on the lid broke and the lid could no longer be used. I did buy replacement Drink in the Boxes because we like them so much. The straws seem to also withstand chewing. We have only needed to replace them when lost.
  • Because they are lightweight, compact, and leak-proof, the Drink in the Boxes are excellent for toting around and for travelling.

Drink in the Box

  • Only one hand is needed to open and close them thanks to the hinged lid and the button.
  • Unlike some of the other water bottles we have tried, we have never had an issue with mold or unpleasant odours.
  • Maintenance is a breeze – they are top rack dishwasher safe with no “but hand washing recommended” caveat. They have remained clear with no clouding even after many runs through the dishwasher. Thanks to a simple, well thought out, and functional design, they are quick and easy to disassemble and reassemble.

Drink in the Box Parts



Drink in the Boxes along with replacement parts and freezer gel packs (for the 8 oz boxes only) are available through: 



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