Banking Time: 3 When-Tos

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“Banking Time: 5 How-Tos” proposed a few ways to bank time.  Here are a few suggestions as to when to do it:


1 – Post-Groceries

Everything is out already so wash and prep at least some of your ingredients for the week before putting them away.


2 – TV Dinners

Most of our dinners are eaten around the dining table and it is such a great way to come together at the end of the day. Every now and then when I feel like I need to catch up or am faced with a particularly hectic week, I find it very helpful to give my kids a “TV Dinner”. I make something very quick and simple for them (usually eggs or leftovers with fruits and veg on the side), set them up at the kitchen counter, and put on a favourite cartoon. I do as much as I can in the hour while they eat, watch, and chat to me in between. This gives me the time to do some advance prep and they find it fun.


3 – Garbage Day’s Eve

The night before garbage pick-up is a good time to:

  • clear out your fridge of anything that has gone off or cannot be salvaged;
  • add any items that you are running out of to your grocery list;
  • adjust your meals in the coming days to finish up any bits and pieces that can’t be preserved (pizza is great way to do this); and
  • prep any items, that you don’t plan on using up that week, to be frozen and eaten in future


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