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I am a morning person but I find that prepping for the day at night works best for me because I need to be out the door by 06h45.  At night, I’m less rushed and less likely to forget things. I tend to sleep better if I’m ready for tomorrow and am more relaxed in the morning. Here are 3 things to do at night for a smoother day:


1 – Prep for the next day’s eating and cooking:

  • Empty the dishwasher. We don’t have time to unload the dishwasher in the morning. When we don’t start the day with an emptied dishwasher, it leads to a domino effect of playing catch-up. Breakfast dishes don’t get put away so they are in the way during dinner prep or it delays cooking dinner because I have to unload the dishwasher before I start cooking otherwise there’s nowhere to put the dirty dishes so the mess multiplies and I have to keep going into the dishwasher for stuff I need to cook with and it slows down the whole process.
  • Set table for breakfast and fill the kettle and pop your tea bags into your cups or get your coffee maker prepped and ready to go.
  • Make lunches and pack everything that can be packed. Lay out lunch boxes and drink bottles so they need only be filled.
  • Decide on what’s for dinner the next night and check that you have all of your ingredients. While you are at it, do a mini mise en place and gather together everything you need:
    • If you are using a recipe, have it ready to refer to tomorrow night.
    • Lay out your chopping board, food prep utensils, and any appliances (e.g. food processor, blender, rice cooker). Include a bowl or plate to collect the garbage/compost. Ideally, set yourself up beside the sink so that you can do all of your prep in one place.
    • Lay out pantry items that do not need to be refrigerated so you do not need to get them out tomorrow night.
    • Gather together all of the refrigerated ingredients and put them in a single container so that you only need to pull one container out of the fridge before you start your prep.
    • Put any pots and pans you will be using on the stove along with your cooking utensils on a plate so that you will have somewhere to put them after they come into contact with the food during cooking. If you are going to be boiling water, fill the pot with water before putting it on the stove so you only need to turn on the heat.

Having everything at the ready will mean gaining time that would have otherwise been spent hunting and gathering what you need.


2 – Look at your agenda for the next day

  • Prepare everything you need for the next day and put it at the front door so that you don’t forget it or put it straight into the car. If it can’t be left at the front door, write yourself a note on a post-it or on washi/masking tape and stick it to the front door or your keys as a reminder.


3 – Clothes

  • If you work out in the morning, lay out your gym gear. When I work out, it’s at home first thing in the morning so I also prep my water, lay out my yoga mat, weights and choose my YouTube video.
  • Decide what you are wearing for the day and lay it out along with any accessories to make getting dressed quicker.


Here’s to more relaxed mornings and smoother to days.


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