Some Like It Hot: 4 Insulated Food Containers

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We have been using the Omiebox (see detailed review here: Omie Oh My) almost everyday since the start of school. There are quite a few things I like about it, mainly that it has an insulated container for hot food integrated into a bento box, but it does bother me that it does not keep the food very warm so I have been exploring a few other options. We need a container that will keep food hot for 5 hours.


 The Options & Stockistszoli omiebox thermos oneisall

1 – ZoLi

2 – OmieBox

3 – Thermos Funtainer



How They Stack Up

I tested the 4 options side by side. I filled them with boiling hot water from the kettle, closed the lids and allowed them to stand for 10 minutes. I then emptied the water from them one at a time and filled each with piping hot mac and cheese (click for printable recipe: Cauliflower Mac and Cheese_Recipe for Print). This is my children’s favourite mac and cheese. Half of the sauce is puréed cauliflower. Aside from a nutritional boost, the cauliflower gives the sauce a velvety voluptuousness .

cauliflower mac and cheese

Thermos table.PNG

Prices shown above are from expect for the OmieBox (which is $90.59 on – the $54.97 price is from


Final Thoughts

If I was choosing an insulated food jar for myself, I would select the ONEISALL. This is a winner for me in terms of of form and function. It is a nice looking product (although the material of the lid, which is just grey plastic, could be upgraded) and keeps food hot. Before it arrived, I thought I might find the opening a bit narrow but I ate out of it and did not find it to be an issue. It is best suited for older children, teens, and adults.


The Thermos Funtainer is the best bang for your buck at $15.99 CAD. It keeps food very warm for 5 hours and is available in a variety of colours and patterns. It is also a good portion size and is suitable for lunch eaters of all ages, although younger children will most likely need help opening the lid. We will transition to this one when my daughter is able to open it on her own (her school really emphasizes the importance of this). For now, we will keep using the OmieBox as it is the most suitable for her: she can open it on her own, loves eating out of it, and it is the perfect portion size for her. Once we’ve transitioned, we’ll keep using the OmieBox as a cold lunch bento box.


If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments section below.


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  1. Have you ever tried using the hydro flask? We use them and the can keep cold things super cold for HOURS (I mean hours!) and hot things hot for longer than 5 hours. I swear by them.

  2. I haven’t tried them but definitely want to now. Thank you for the suggestion! If you have any other lunch gear to recommend, please share in the comments.

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