The Replacements: Swapping Out Disposable Baking Cups, Parchment Paper, Plastic bags + More


I am often on the lookout for reusable products to replace the disposable items that we use regularly, namely baking cups, parchment paper, plastic bags, and plastic bottles.

Baking Cups

I was a bit skeptical of the baking cups as previous experience with silicone baking molds has not been ideal – my baked goods have stuck to the molds and fallen apart upon unmolding in the past. I was pleasantly surprised by the MuffinBOI by XNM Creations (*). They are slightly smaller than the standard-sized gold foil cupcake liners (;*) that  I usually use (comparisons pictured above). To test them, I used a really liquid chocolate cake batter which results in a very moist and sticky crumb (see recipe here: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate). I did not grease the baking cups prior to baking. I let the cupcakes cool for about 15 minutes and they released cleanly (see picture below). The cups are dishwasher safe but the dishwasher did not get all of the crumbs off so I ended up handwashing them. I turned them inside out and they came clean with little effort. I thought it might be a pain to clean in between the ridges but this was not the case.

Silicone baking cups

Parchment Paper

The Tougs Golden BBQ Barbecue Grill Sheet Mats/Baking Mats are excellent and good value for money (*;*). They can be used up to temperatures of 500°F in the oven or on the BBQ. I use them multiple times a week and have made pizza, calzones (see recipe here: Minimum Effort, Maximum Reward Pizza), cookies, chicken, sausages, potatoes and other veggies. The food does not stick to it and browns beautifully. Cleaning is a breeze – even burnt sugar slides right off. They are also dishwasher safe. There is no lingering taste or smell from the food after washing so you can use the same mat for garlicky foods and then for cookies, for example, without affecting the taste of the cookies. The only thing I would change about them is the length – I wish that they were slightly longer and completely covered my baking sheets.

Tougs reusable baking mat

If you bake a lot, it’s worth cutting these to fit your most used baking tins – it will save time as you will not have to cut parchment each time you use them.


I tried to order a second set of these mats but put the wrong ones in my cart. They were much thinner than the ones I had initially purchased. I decided to keep them because they are more flexible and I was able to cut them to fit perfectly into my rectangular and square baking tins. It ended up being a good mistake. You can purchase these from*.

Baking Tineswith Reusable parchment How To.png

Baking Tins with Reusable parchment.png

Plastic Bags

Grocery totes that stand open on their own and can be collapsed so that they are flat are functional and practical. They are easy to store and easy to pack and unpack. I purchased mine (pictured below) at Provigo:

reusable grocery bag

Similar bags are made by:

1. Planete (*)

2. Earthwise (*) – delivery is available for Canada too

reusable grocery bag

Produce Bags

These reusable produce bags (*;*) come in a set of 3 sizes and are lightweight and durable.

reusable produce bags

Cling wrap

The Nordic Ware baking sheet covers snap onto the rim of the Nordic Ware baking sheets. They cover food completely and keep it fresh. They also allow you to stack your baking sheets on top of each other in the fridge and freezer which is great for maximizing space. I bought my first two at Home Sense and a third from*. They are also available through*.

Nordic Ware baking sheet with cover

These stretchy silicone covers (*;*) are really handy. They come in a set of 6 and fit a multitude of bowl shapes and sizes. They are top rack dishwasher safe and are leak proof if you use the right size for the container. Stretchy silicone covers review

Stretchy silicone covers review

Disposable Food Storage Bags

For a complete review of the Stasher and Blue Avocado food storage bags, see Replacing My Ziplocs: Stasher & Blue Avocado Review.

Stasher Bag

Plastic Bottles

Drink in the Box and S’well continue to be firm favorites. For a full review and list of stockists of the Drink in the Box, see Drink in the Box – an Ideal Kid’s Water Bottle).

We have four S’well bottles and have been using them regularly for a few years now. They keep drinks hot or cold for hours. Ice cubes are still not melted the next day. One of the things I like most about it is that cold drinks do not cause condensation on the outside of the bottle so everything else packed with it stays nice and dry. The lids can get a bit smelly so we soak them in bicarb, soap and hot water when this happens. Replacement lids are also available. Just a note about the finishing, while the bottles are well made, two of them became quite scratched up (Blackboard Matte and Wood) within a few months of purchase which was disappointing given the price point. The two that I purchased for my daughters (Sweet Mint Glitter) have held up well and still look good. S’well bottles are available from:*,,, in Canada; and; and from* in the US.


Twist Ties

These silicone tie wraps (*;*) work really well and fasten securely. They are also great for holding wraps together.


What are some of your favourite replacements?

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