Gift Guide: Kids Aged 0 to 2


Gift Guide Age 0 to 2_Image 1

1 – Walker (*;*)

2 – Racetrack (**)

3 – Tunnel and ball pit (*;*)

4 – Sleigh (Canadian*)

5 – Stacking cups (*;*)


Gift Guide Age 0 to 2_Image 2

6 – Activity gym (*;*)

7 – Placemat (*;*)

8 – Personalized growth chart (

9 – Photo album (; – one of our annual gifts to our daughters is a photo album of the previous year.

10 – Travel tray for the car (*;*)


Gift Guide Age 0 to 2_Image 3

11 – Recordable storybook (for those in Canada, visit a Hallmark store near you; for those in the US) – my husband’s parents gave one of these to each of our girls. They took it in turns to read the lines of the book. Really lovely and thoughtful gift – definitely a keeper.

12 – The Goodnight Train (*;*)

13 – Hippos Go Beserk (*;*)

14 – Cheerios (*;*)

15 – Pop-Up Peekaboo (*;*) – there is a whole series of these with some that have noises to accompany the pop-ups. This is how my kids learnt to crow.

16 – Peek-A Who? (*;*)

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  1. Was so happy to see the suggestion of the Fisher Price Walker here in the list for 0-2 year olds.
    My little grand daughter who is now 6 months old wants to stand up all the time and we figure it won’t be long before she is up and taking those first wobbly steps.
    When I saw the walker as one of your suggestions, I just knew it was the perfect Christmas gift!!
    Love your blog!

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