Advent Activities 2017: What We’ve Been Up To



24 December 2017

Tracked Santa with NORAD. Made reindeer food (oats and glitter) and set out carrots along with milk and cookies for Santa. To make the cookies pictured below, prepare the the sugar cookie dough in the post, Chocolate Flecked Mittens with Bejewelled Cuffs. Cut the dough into stars using a star cookie cutter. Use a knife to cut out a rectangular piece out of each star (it should be about 4 times as wide as the rim of your glass/cup and go up to the middle of the star) in order for the cookie to sit on the lip of the cup or glass.

Cookie to hang off mug


23 December 2017

Made Christmas ornaments using modelling clay (*;*) which we then baked and the girls painted with gold glitter nail polish.


22 December 2017

Read Pick a Pine Tree (*;*).

Pick a Pine Tree.PNG


21 December 2017

Hot chocolate by the fireside. Grinch night.


20 December 2017

Delivered baked goods to our neighbours.


19 December 2017

Read The Mitten (*;*) and The Jolly Postman (*;*).


18 December 2017

The girls decorated their bathroom mirror with Christmas clings (the ones pictured below were ordered from



17 December 2017

Baked cookies with their cousin and watched A Christmas Carol.



16 December 2017

The girls sorted through their books and toys and put together a box for donation. They then decorated Christmas cards and wrapped the gifts for their teachers.


15 December 2017

The girls had a dinner date with their dad.


14 December 2017

I printed black and white Christmas patters for the girls to colour in and use as wrapping paper for their teachers.

Wrapping paper.PNG


13 December 2017

Read The Story of Holly and Ivy (*;*).

Holly and Ivy.PNG


12 December 2017

Watched The Snowy Day – perfect viewing for the first snowstorm of the season. It’s heartwarming and really visually appealing. Afterwards, we headed outside to play in the snow while the Shepherd’s Pie (click for printable recipe) baked in the oven.

Shepherd's Pie


11 December 2017

Ate chocolate gold coins.


10 December 2017

Our local rink had an open skate in the afternoon. The rink was decked out in fairy lights and Christmas music was playing.



09 December 2017

Christmas puzzle treasure hunt. I divided the pieces of a Christmas puzzle into 10 little parcels and hid them all over the house for the girls to find. They then built it together.



08 December 2017

Lit a fire, watched Arthur Christmas, and had a fireside picnic of star pizzas and watermelon Christmas trees.


07 December 2017

The girls decorated their rooms with snowflake shaped fairy lights.


Read A Christmas Carol (*;*) – this find and seek version is a fun and interactive introduction to Dickens for young ones. If you aren’t familiar with the story, I would recommend brushing up on it first so that you can tell the story. The illustrations are lovely and are what drew me to this selection in the first place but the narrative is very limited.


06 December 2017

Read Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree (*;*). This book is charming – it starts off with Mr. Willowby whose tree is too big for his parlour so he has his butler cut off the top of the tree and a piece of it gets passed along to many a family, with the family and the tree becoming tinier and tinier. This would make a great school play.


05 December 2017

Bear-shaped Chocolates



04 December 2017

Read Secrets of Winter – this is from Usborne’s Shine-a-Light series (*;*). There are questions posed to the reader and to reveal the answer, you shine a light behind the page. Fun and educational. We are looking forward to reading more from this series.


03 December 2017

Went to see Sami Hajjar’s Christmas Display



02 December 2017

  • In the morning, we made tourtières (traditional French Canadian meat pie). The girls really enjoyed rolling out the puff pastry and decorating the pies themselves.
  • Went to the matinee showing of The Nutcracker – it was the girls’ first time at the ballet. They really loved it and have asked to go again.
  • After the ballet, we went home and the girls made sandwiches with Grandma and Grandpa for Angels of Mercy (Grandma volunteers for the organization and explained what they do).
  • Had the tourtières for dinner.


01 December 2017


November 2017

  • Participated in a food drive held at our local grocery store.
  • The girls put together boxes for Operation Christmas Child.
  • We trimmed the tree and decorated the house inside and out.
  • Took our annual trip to the chocolate shop to gather our gold coins for Christmas.



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  1. I’ve made note of a couple of the books mentioned, for the time when I may be lucky enough to have little ones to read to once again. Thanks, LeighAnn

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