Chocolate Flecked Mittens with Bejewelled Cuffs

I adore this sugar cookie recipe. It is incredibly easy to make and to work with. It holds its shape well with minimal puffing and most importantly, the cookies are delicious. The basic dough can be used as a starting point for all manner of variations. For this batch of cookies, I added 1/2 C of fairly finely chopped milk and dark chocolate. To decorate, I melted 1/2 C of chopped chocolate in the microwave on high for 30 seconds and stirred until smooth.  I used a spoon to spread the cuffs of the mittens with chocolate and adorned half the mittens with gold and white sanding sugar and the other half with different sized pink sugar pearls.

Mitten sugar cookies

Chocolate Flecked Sugar Cookies Recipe

Click for printable version: Chocolate Flecked Sugar Cookies Recipe for Print

Mitten sugar cookies



  1. My grandchildren thought they were wonderful and wondered what size they came in. They would prefer “large”! Great idea for Christmas! Thx, Jane

  2. Hi Jane, I am so glad they liked them :). They are 3 1/2 inches from the bottom of the cuff to the end of the fingertips. Happy baking!

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