Edible Dividends: Boxing Day Edition

I look forward to the leftovers almost as much as the meal itself. Post-Christmas eating plans include Boxing Day Calzones and Roasted Squash and Sweet Potato Soup.


Boxing Day Calzones

  1. Roll out some pizza dough (see dough recipe here: Minimum Effort, Maximum Reward Pizza)
  2. Layer a miniature turkey dinner on one side of the dough and then top with a generous grating of cheese.
  3. Fold the other side of the dough over it to cover.
  4. Press down the edges with a fork to seal and cut a cross into the top of the calzone to allow steam to escape.
  5. Brush with a bit of beaten egg and bake at 500°F for about 10 to 12 minutes until browned.





Roasted Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

We always have some sorted of sort of squash dish made up of a mix of roasted butternut, acorn squash, and sweet potato seasoned with butter, salt and some maple syrup as part of the Christmas Day feast. The leftovers make for a great starting point for soup:

  1. Sautée a roughly chopped onion with some dried thyme in a little butter and oil until softened and beginning to brown. Tip this mixture into a blender along with leftover squash.
  2. Add chicken/turkey/vegetable stock to thin out the squash mixture and blitz together. Add enough stock to make the consistency you like for soup.
  3. Transfer to a pot and simmer until hot.


…and the feast goes on.





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