5 Things to Make Tooth Brushing and Hair Brushing with Young Kids a Little Easier

Tooth Brushing


Elmo’s “Brush Your Teeth” Song

For the very little kids…I, and probably many, many other parents (this video has over 200 million views!), introduced tooth brushing to my kids with this video and they loved it. We played it a lot while brushing teeth until they got into the habit. Thank you, Elmo.


Timer Light Toothbrushes

For those who struggle with getting kids to brush their teeth or to brush their teeth for long enough, the Crayola Timer Light toothbrushes might just do the trick. You can pick these up from the pharmacy or can order them from amazon.ca*; well.ca; or amazon.com*). They make tooth brushing fun. If you are finding it hard to just get the kids into the bathroom – I have found that turning down the lights, setting the toothbrush lights a-flash and leading the kids to the bathroom making siren noises helps. The light flashes for a minute so kids keep brushing until the light stops flashing. This seems to give them a sense of autonomy and they respond better to this than being nagged to brush for longer.



Flossers (amazon.ca*; amazon.com*) help make make flossing teeth quicker and easier – I give each kid one to floss with and I floss their teeth at the same time as they “floss” their teeth.

Tooth brushing and hair brushing.png

Hair Brushing

My oldest daughter’s hair is super fine and it gets SO tangled so quickly, it can go from smooth to nest in a matter of minutes. She dislikes brushing her hair, complaining that it’s uncomfortable due to the knots and if you are gentle while brushing, much too time consuming. My excellent hair stylist suggested we try Pureology Essential Benefits Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking for Beautiful Color (amazon.ca*; amazon.com*) and a wet and dry brush (amazon.ca*; amazon.com*) – these have been game changers. Side note: my daughter is five and her hair isn’t coloured. We only use the product after washing her hair. During rinsing, I run my fingers through to untangle it. When she gets out of the bath, I wrap a towel around her head (without twisting it) and press around her head to absorb excess water. I do one spray of the product on the lower half of her hair, avoiding the roots as instructed so that they do not get greasy, and then brush it before drying and then again after. This keeps her hair far less tangled and much easier to brush until the next hair washing day.


Do you have any tips and tricks to share? Please comment below. Thanks!

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