Olympic Viewing Parties

Three ideas for getting together, eating good food, and watching the Olympics.


Breakfast of Champions


Menu ideas:

Olympic flag fruit platter, yoghurt, and granola (click for recipe)

Zucchini Bread (click for recipe) or bagels with smoked salmon

Eggs, sausages, bacon, and hash browns


Granola and yoghurt parfait

If serving the smoked salmon with bagels, have a toaster set out as well and cream cheese to go along with it. Arrange the salmon on a platter with wedges of lemon and thinly sliced shallots which have been steeped in lemon juice for about 20 minutes and then drained. This takes the bite out of the shallots and gives them a bright note.


You can find the recipe for the zucchini bread and smoked salmon here: Zucchini Bread



Bibimbap Bar


Menu ideas:

Bibimbap Korean rice bowls

Oh Canada! Cookies (click for recipe)

Line up all of the elements of the rice bowls so that everyone can make up their own bibimbap, a Korean dish made up of a bowl of rice topped with a variety of individually prepared vegetables and beef. Have a look at maangchi.com for recipes and how to.


Around the World Potluck and Toga Party

Have guests pick a country (you can find the complete list of participating countries at olympic.org) and a course (e.g. appetizer, main meal, dessert) to bring to the the potluck. For food and recipe inspiration, check out globaltableadventure.com. Have everyone dress in togas and laurel wreaths. Alternatively, people can dress in support of the country whose cuisine they have chosen to make.


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