Happy Marriages: Smoke Loves Honey


I tried two different kinds of smoked salt for these recipes, one by Maldon (the pale flakes pictured above) and the other, an Alderwood smoked salt. I think the Maldon salt is better used as finishing salt as it was almost undetectable so I would recommend using a salt with a darker, deeper smokiness. Once used in the recipes, the smoke is not dominant, it’s more of a whisper of smoke which balances and compliments the sweetness of the honey. I’ve paired these two in beer bread and chocolate.


Smoke & Honey Beer Bread

Beer bread is my new obsession (three pieces were devoured during the writing of this post). It has simple ingredients, a very quick and easy method, a crisp and rich crust, and a world of possibilities for adaptation. I cannot wait to try it with cheese, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, olives, herbs, seeds, nuts and so on and so on.  You can use any beer you wish. I opt for Guinness as it gives the bread a great flavour and caramel hue. The bread smells so good coming out of the oven, I am always tempted to take a bite right out of the top of it.

Beer bread

Smoke and Honey Beer Bread Recipe Image.PNG

Click for printable recipe: Smoke and Honey Beer Bread Recipe for Print

Beer bread

Warm from the oven, this bread needs little adornment besides a spread of butter. It is also lovely topped with strong cheese and drizzled with honey or toasted with slices of avocado. The bread will keep for 3 days in a tightly sealed container. It freezes well. Slice before freezing so that you can take out only as much as you need.

Beer bread


Smoke & Honey Chocolates



Smoke and Honey Chocolates Recipe Image

Click for printable recipe: Smoke and Honey Chocolates Recipe for Print

I used these silicone gem candy moulds (amazon.ca*; amazon.com*). I love the shapes and the chocolate unmoulds so easily.  We have also made jello in them and they looked just like beautiful, edible jewels.




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