SunButter Cups

SunButter (*;*;*) cups have become a lunch box staple for both work and school. They are good both baked or unbaked.

Baked and Unbaked SunButter Cups

Baking gives them a lovely toasted flavour and a bit of crunch while the texture is fudgier if unbaked. If you go the unbaked route, omit the baking powder. The recipe works well with nut butters too. I tend to do the SunButter version most often because my daughter’s school is nut-free. I have tried it with a few different sunflower seed butter brands. If you use a sunflower seed butter that has no salt or sweetener added, add 1/8 teaspoon fine seal salt and an additional 3 tablespoons Maple Syrup. If the butter seems dry and not easy to stir, add a 1 tablespoon of flavourless oil like Canola.


How to Make the SunButter Cups

SunButter Cups Recipe Step 1


SunButter Cups Recipe Step 2

SunButter Cups Recipe Step 3


SunButter Cups Recipe Step 4


SunButter Baking Instructions


SunButter Cups Close up

Sunbutter Cups stack

Click for printable recipe: SunButter Cups Recipe For Print



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