Squooshi Review

The Wishlist

My kids love smoothies for breakfasts, snacks at home, snacks on the go, and snacks for school. I like to make them in batches and then freeze them so that we can enjoy them at a moment’s notice. Previously, I would freeze them in ice cube trays. At home, the girls like to eat them frozen and for on the go, I would pop a few blocks into a drink box and it would be melted within a couple of hours.

I came across the Squooshi reusable, squeezable food pouches in my quest to cut the ice cube tray and transfer steps out of the process. I was looking for a product which is:

  • Easy to fill
  • Leak proof
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Can go straight from the freezer into a lunch box
  • Defrosts quickly without using the microwave
  • Good value for money

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About Squooshis

  • They have two parts, the lid and the pouch which has a zipper seal on the bottom.

Squooshi parts_Final

  • They are BPA-free, Phthalate-free, PVC-free, and Lead-free.
  • They are available in 2 sizes. The small pouches have a cute animal print and have a capacity of 3.4 fl oz (100mL). The large pouches hold 5 to 6 fl oz (150mL) and are available in the animal print or in a fun geometric print in blue and orange (I selected these for purchase). They look larger but the capacity of the large pouches is very similar to the pouches that you can buy ready to eat from the store. The large pouches measure 8-inches by 3 3/4-inches (widest part).


  • They are freezer and dishwasher safe.
  • They have a window on the back of the pouch so that you can easily identify its contents without having to label the pouch (love this feature).

Squooshi window.JPG


The Test Drive



Filling the pouches is simple:

  1. Twist the lid on and make sure it is closed properly. Open the zipper closure at the bottom of the pouch. Use a spoon to open up the interior of the pouch before filling in order to maximise the space. If the two sides are touching, it isn’t as quick and easy to fill as you will need to push the filling down into the pouch in order to utilise its full capacity.
  2. For applesauce and Greek yoghurt, I use a teaspoon to fill the pouch, and for smoothies, I pour them directly from the blender. A filling station is available for purchase but isn’t necessary.
  3. The company recommends that you only fill the pouch 3/4 of the way full to avoid spillage. There isn’t a fill line on the pouch. Using the web address printed on the pouch window as a fill line works well.
  4. Gently press out any air and seal well.



My daughter takes them to school almost daily and we have toted them around in the bag I carry for the kids and we haven’t had any spillages. The zip seal is tight and takes a bit of strength and effort to open.


3) Quick and easy to clean?

I give them a quick rinse and then tent them over the tines on the top rack of the dishwasher and this cleans them well. I then tent them on a drying rack to dry completely afterwards. We have only once had chocolate smoothie residue leftover after a run through the dishwasher. It came out really easily with soap and water and a gentle rub. You may find that after a few washes, the zipper seal seems very stiff and does not close easily (this will probably happen after several hand washes too). I think this happens because the detergent dries out the seals. To remedy this, rub a little flavourless cooking oil such as Canola oil along the seals. This will re-hydrate them and they will close easily.

4) Can go straight from freezer to lunch box? Can be defrosted quickly without the use of the microwave?

Yes. Being able to pop them into a lunch box straight from the fridge saves time. It may just be a couple of minutes saved but on some mornings, every second counts especially when you are packing lunches and snacks for multiple people. They defrost within about one and a half hours and stay cool for a couple more in an insulated lunch box. As a bonus, the frozen Squooshi helps to keep the other items in the lunch box cool. If you need it to defrost quickly, place the frozen pouch in a jug of hot water from the tap and it will be drinkable within 5 to 10 minutes.

5)  Good value for money?

They are really affordable at about $15 for a set of eight. Well worth it.


In Conclusion

This is a really great product and we have been using them almost daily. My kids really like drinking from them and I love how easy they are to fill, consume, wash, and re-use. They checked all the boxes on my wishlist.








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