Eggy Nests

To make these nests, start with good fries. We really like the Restaurant Style fries from Cavendish Farms. They are crisp, very flavourful, and just a bit spicy. The heat is peppery, not fiery.

Preheat the oven and line your baking tin with parchment or a reusable equivalent so that the eggs will not stick. For the temperature and cooking times, follow the package instructions. The size of your tin will depend on the number of people who will be eating. I used a 9-inch square baking tin for 4 people. Evenly distribute silicone muffin cups or balls of foil to use as placeholders for the eggs. Spread the fries evenly around the placeholders.

Eggs in french fry nests

Dice a shallot and a red bell pepper. Toss them in a teaspoon of oil and add them to the fries. Bake the fries, following the time recommended on the package, they should be hot, cooked through and beginning to crisp.

Remove from oven. Remove the muffin cups or foil and crack an egg or two into the centre of each nest. Return the tin to the oven and bake until the eggs are cooked to your liking. It will take about 5 minutes at 425°F for a single, softly set egg. Double eggs will need 2 to 3 minutes longer to be softly set. To prevent the single eggs from overcooking, you can remove them from the pan first.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

Eggs in french fry nests



  1. Glad to hear you will be trying it :). Snap a pic and send it to me please, would love to see!

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