A Few Non-Chocolate Ideas to Include in your Easter Egg Hunt

Non Chocolate Easter Ideas

  1. Secrets of the Vegetable Garden (amazon.ca*; amazon.com*) and Secrets of the Apple Tree (amazon.ca*; amazon.com*). We love the Shine-a-Light series. The books are beautifully illustrated, educational, and interactive. You will need a little flashlight to shine a light behind the pages and illuminate the illustrations. You can see an example in this post: Advent Activities 2017: What We’ve Been Up To.
  2. Skipping rope (amazon.ca*; amazon.com*)
  3. Bubble wand for giant bubbles (amazon.ca*; amazon.com*)
  4. Inflatable pool toy (amazon.ca*; amazon.com*)
  5. Kite (amazon.ca*; amazon.com*)
  6. Chalk (amazon.ca*; amazon.com*)


Feature image illustration: shutterstock.com

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