A Superhero Birthday

Superhero birthday invite

For her 6th birthday, my daughter chose a superhero theme. The invitation was a mission proposal and for decorations, my husband made a superhero cityscape (this made a great backdrop for photos) and we blew up about 30 balloons in blue, yellow, and red for the kids to play with. We kicked off the party with pass-the-parcel as a fun way to give each guest their cape and mask, which were also their party favours. We had the party in the morning (an idea we got from my daughter’s best friend’s party). This was great because all the kids were fresh and energised – I would highly recommend a.m. parties especially for younger kids. The food was brunch inspired (menu details below).



Superhero birthday party invitation.png

Printable version: Superhero birthday party invitation_Printable



To make the cityscape, you will need:

  • Cardboard (blue for the sky, black for buildings, yellow for windows and other details) – the amount will depend on how big your need your cityscape to be.
  • Inspiration – look at images of buildings and then recreate them in silhouette.
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Masking tape
  • Action word cutouts (amazon.ca*; amazon.com*)

Superhero birthday party cityscape.png



Game + Party Favour

I ordered a set of capes and masks from Amazon (amazon.ca*; amazon.com*) for the kids to wear during the party and to take home with them as their favours. We played pass-the-parcel to give them out.

Superhero birthday party capes.PNG



  • Bacon and egg breakfast casserole
  • Sausage rolls
  • Croissants and chocolatines
  • Juice
  • Fruit
  • Birthday cake


Invitation image illustration: shutterstock.com

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