Project 30: Curbing Chaos in 30 Minutes

Pockets of Chaos

There are parts of our home that are neat and organised and things are easy to find and put away. Then there are the pockets of chaos which I never seem to be able to find (or make?) the time to tackle. We often think of clear outs and organisational projects as big commitments which require hours. I work full time and our time together as a family usually only amounts to 2 to 3 hours after work and school, much of which is taken up by homework, dinner, bath, and bedtime so on the weekends, I want to have as much time with my husband and children as possible. The point here being that there never feels like there’s enough time. On the flip side, not tackling these messy spaces is not working either especially because a lot of them are high traffic areas and reorganising them and making them work for us would be a huge time saver and happiness boost. After making a list of these chaotic spots, I realised that the vast majority of them could be tackled in 30 minutes or broken down into 30 minute chunks. Dedicating 30 minutes to a project is absolutely doable and the pay off is huge. Tackling my kids’ clothing and their drawers still being neat and organised months afterwards (to read more about it, click here: Buying, Organising, and Washing Kids’ Clothing) made me want to do more and more. Organisation begets organisation and so I embark on Project 30.

Project 30 Goals

  • The ultimate goal is ease, to organise the pockets of chaos so that they are functional, practical and maintainable for everyone in the house from the 5 year old up. I am a fairly organised person but am not naturally neat and tidy so I need systems in place that make putting things away virtually effortless otherwise…

  • Each project should take 30 minutes (or less) or be broken down into 30 minute chunks.
  • Make better use of the space in the house. We have lived here for almost 3 years – it makes no sense that we have stuff all over the basement floor and need to hunt for things and yet we have multiple cupboards standing almost empty.

  • $100 budget for all of the projects – I have many organisational products (several of which are sitting stacked in a pile not organising anything) and want to use up what we have or get creative. I would like to spend nothing but I know that we will at minimum need some Command hooks.

The Project 30 List:

  1. The basement
  2. Gift wrapping supplies
  3. Basement pantry
  4. Coat closet/entry way
  5. Skincare and makeup
  6. Spice drawer
  7. Baking supplies
  8. School and work lunch gear
  9. Kids’ artwork and school work/report cards
  10. Junk drawer
  11. Linen closet
  12. Laundry room closet
  13. Tablecloths
  14. Recipes
  15. Under the kitchen sink

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  1. I can’t wait to see the results! I am CONSTANTLY updating the way I organize certain things in the house because I can’t seem to find the one that works. Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

  2. Your list of areas to organize is almost identical to mine! You’re so right, taking 30 minutes to tackle one is not hard, but the results are so worth it!

  3. If my house was an item of clothing, it would be cargo pants… I’ll need many 30 min chunks but sounds like a plan!

  4. It’s the same way for me – keep tweaking it until it works and sticks. I will definitely be sharing the progress 🙂

  5. Looking forward to # 9. My kid’s playroom is the bane of my existence. These kids are so disorganised (LOL)..
    every few months I label and organise their stuff- I’ve given up.

  6. I think so many of us can relate to this. Don’t give up! If we can’t figure out how to organise the toys, they will outgrow them ;).

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