Project 30: The Basement

I kickstarted Project 30 with the basement because buried down there were the organizers I would need to accomplish the rest of my Project 30 tasks. I did about 30 minutes every night for seven nights after the kids were in bed, setting the timer and working against the clock.


Before starting, I gathered a few supplies:

  • Large boxes
  • Permanent marker to label boxes
  • Black chalk labels and a gold marker
  • 3M Command hooks and refill strips
  • Scissors
  • Music and a timer (both on my phone)


A breakdown of the seven sessions:

1-Set up and started sorting:

  • Marked boxes: DONATE, FAMILY/FRIENDS, SELL, RECYCLE, GARBAGE. I also marked boxes for stuff that should be stored in other rooms of the house. For example, we had quite a few candles sitting on the floor which I planned to move to an empty cupboard in the laundry room.
  • Designated areas for sorting items to keep by category: organisers, kitchen stuff; pantry, gift wrapping; sports & leisure etc. 

2-Sorted like crazy

3-Sorted like crazy and admitted to self that inside me live a ruthless editor and a hoarder

4-Organised pantry shelves and kitchen related stuff – on this night, I did about 2 hours because I was on a roll and eager to finish this section

5-Organised gift wrapping stuff

6-Organised the remainder

7-Organised the remainder


A few snap shots of the results…

This unit and the two others pictured later in the post were in the garage of our previous home. The shelves are deep and intended to hold bulky items. Thanks to an expandable shelf* (see second shelf), we were able to make the most of the space and almost double the usable storage area as I could slide trays underneath the shelf to hold canned goods.
On the top shelf, a 3-tier organiser* helps to keep our stock visible and easy to reach.
I really like the white PLUGGIS storage bins from IKEA (third shelf, holding flour and other baking items). They are good quality, hold a lot, wipe clean easily and the shape lends itself to an optimal use of space.
Storing canned goods in trays keeps them organised, very visible, and easy to access.
This shelf holds vases, extra glasses, food storage containers, and our extra plates and cutlery for parties (stored in the laundry basket to make them easy to transport). The bin to the left of the laundry basket holds baking tins that I use less often. I only kept as many baking tins as could fit in this bin. The rest were donated or given away.
This shelf holds jars and bottles, extra organisers, and picnic/serving ware.
This is the corner of the basement where we dumped the gift wrap stuff. I enjoy giving gifts and wrapping them. I adore giving a pile of presents, stacked on top of each other from smallest to biggest and tied with ribbon. When I was little, I loved seeing gifts presented this way in the movies and promised myself that I would do this when I grew up. In the past, whenever I came across a “good” box – I would hang onto it. Pictured above are only about half of the “good boxes” we had accumulated over the years! It just got out of hand.
My aunt and uncle weren’t using this bookshelf anymore and kindly passed it along to us already assembled which was perfect. I used it to sort the boxes by size and could only keep as many boxes as could fit on the bookshelf. The rest were recycled or re-purposed as organisers elsewhere. On the third shelf is a small stack of drawers for tape, scissors, pens, gift tags, and ribbon. The bins to the right of it hold bows and tissue paper respectively. Command hooks on the side of the shelf and on the wall beside it hold gift bags. The storage bin on the floor to the left of the bookshelf houses rolls of wrapping paper – I used the handle to separate the Christmas wrapping from the rest.

It is great to be able to walk in the basement without tripping over stuff; know exactly what we have, and find what we need in a snap. One of the biggest pay offs is that with the floor clear, our daughters have a place to ride their scooters indoors.

Total investment: 5 hours + $0

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