Project 30: Coat Closet / Entryway

The Issues:

  • Our entryway is small so it didn’t take much for it to feel crowded and as if you were always tripping over something.
  • There was nowhere to put the kids’ backpacks. We had a designated spot for them in the laundry room but they never made it there during the week because, although the laundry room isn’t far, it felt pointless to put them there overnight just to bring them back to the entryway each morning before school.
  • Because of the placement of the floor vent, there was room for only one small boot tray. Not all of our boots fit on it so there were always a couple of pairs on the floor mat which got in the way of opening the front door.
  • In the closet, the storage bins for my daughters and I were too small. In order for our things to fit inside them, we needed to fold them and place them neatly which, of course, never happened so the three bins just became a mound and things inevitably spilled to the floor.
  • Our kids weren’t able to hang up their own coats and snow pants and needed us to get them down in order to get dressed to go out.


The Fix:

  • There was nothing to be done about the footprint so we needed to rework a few things to make it easier to access and put away our stuff.
  • I pushed the shoe racks over to left of the closet to clear some floor space for the backpacks. 
  • I replaced the  3 small storage bins with 2 larger ones for the girls to use. Each daughter has her own designated bin. They are large enough to hold all of their winter accessories comfortably no matter how haphazardly they throw them in there. 

  • For my accessories, I hung 2 baskets from a shower tension rod that I had ordered online accidentally, never returned, forgot about, and rediscovered while organising the basement. I use one basket for hats and scarves and the other for gloves.
  • Each daughter now has 2 command hooks*, one for snow pants and one for a coat, at the perfect height for them so they can hang up their things as soon as they take them off. They can get dressed without us having to retrieve their things for them – this has been such a great time saver for weekday mornings. Their backpacks go on the floor underneath their outerwear.
  • I removed the coats that we don’t wear and found them better homes.
  • I purchased two small trays for the kids’ boots. The trays fit on the other side of the floor vent so now all of our boots are kept off to the side and out of the way.

This new system is working so well for us and our entrance stays clean and clear. It is so easy for us to come in and go out. The closet feels so much more spacious and there is plenty of room for extra coats when we have company. 


Total investment: 1.5 hrs (including the time it took to pop to the shops) + $50.55 (4 Command hooks, 2 butterfly trays, 2 white storage bins, 2 brown baskets).



Want some help with a space you are finding challenging to organise? Send me an e-mail with some pictures to and let’s brainstorm!


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