Introduction: A Good Place to Start


Profile PicI’m Leigh-Anne, a working mom of 2 young kids. My day job is in clinical research. After hours, I blog about food (see Eat, Drink, and Be Merry); things that I think are great and want to share (see Good Stuff); as well as experiments with strategies for everyday life (see Strategies).

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Some notes about the recipes:

  • Measurements and abbreviations – because a cup and a teaspoon are not the same cup and teaspoon to everyone (see this Wikipedia article as an illustration: Cup (Unit)) – for the purposes of the recipes on this blog:
    • t = teaspoon (5 ml)
    • T = tablespoon (15 ml)
    • C = cup  (1 = C 250 ml; 1/2 C = 125 ml; 1/3 C = 80 ml; 1/4 C = 60 ml)
    • I believe an oz. (ounce) is an oz. but if I am mistaken or if there other units of measurement which require clarification, please do let me know.
  • Ingredients:
    • Eggs are large, unless otherwise stated
    • Salt:
      • Baking: fine sea salt is used in the recipes on this blog, unless otherwise specified.
      • Cooking: Maldon salt, which is large-flaked, is used for the recipes on this blog.  If using fine salt, half the quantity specified in the recipe.
  • A recipe index can be found in the the side bar of the blog. You can also type an ingredient into the search bar to find related recipes.


Q: Can I use pictures and content from the site?

A: Yes, but if you do, please credit appropriately. Some of the images are not original content and I have credited the source. For these images – please follow the policies of the source of the content.

Q: Are the links to products affiliate links?

A: The majority of the links are provided for informational purposes and convenience only. I am an Amazon Affiliate meaning that I will a earn a very small commission on products purchased through my affiliate link at no extra cost to you. This helps to keep the blog advertisement free. Thanks for your support! Please note that not all of the Amazon products on this site are affiliate links. The affiliate links have been marked with an asterisk (*). Posts containing affiliate links include a disclosure.

Q: Why the pineapples?

A: Pineapples are the symbol of warmth, welcome, and hospitality. I chose them as the symbol for the blog because they represent what I hope visitors to the site will feel when they visit.

Q: Why Practical Magic?

I want my stuff to work hard, to be useful, have purpose, and be practical. At the same time, it needs to be pleasurable to use too. Not everything can be beautiful but it can have thoughtful and appealing design, no matter what it is. I am always looking for form together with function. 

I am a planner but I also like flexibility and the option to change course or seize a good opportunity. Being prepared, particularly if you have young children, provides the foundation for having this successfully. Prep and planning allows for time and energy to be spent on what is more fun, interesting, creative, and meaningful. I like to fine tune and experiment because there are so many good ways to get things done and you won’t know which works best for you until you try. The people that make it look easy tend to work at it; to adapt, be creative, think, plan, and prepare until it becomes easy and therefore looks easy – like a magic trick.